Our Story

Made from scratch

We're a small company, made by creators who shared a passion for finding the beauty in mundane products we use everyday. Whether it was spicing up our laptops, decorating our coffee mugs, or finding another way to say something. We found great joy in sharing ourselves through the things we use, and from the added gratefulness for the things around us. From this joy sparked by the need to create, we founded a company around one of our favorite things to illuminate, our tumblers!

More than just a cup.

Eventually we decided if we're going to treat our creations as art, it was time to give them a proper canvas. We wanted tumblers that were designed and created with a thoughtfulness that gave as much respect to the quality as we did to the design. After many long days and nights, sorting through hundreds of iterations and samples, we were proud to say Strata Cups was born.

A creator's best friend.

In addition to creating tumblers held to the highest standard, we take pride in owning a brand that helps grow any and all creators. Through bulk pricing, loyalty programs, sharing inspiration on social media, and so much more, inspiring and enabling our fans is essential for us. Shoot us a message on instagram, facebook, or pinterest and we'd love to shout you out.

The "only buy it once" principle.

Whether it's our sleek design, highly durable construction, or excellent taste in color we hope you are as satisfied with our products as we were when we finalized them. We're avid fans of the "only buy it once" principle, which applies to products that you can proudly show off years after you bought it, and we believe our products hold that standard.

We hear you.

Interacting with our fans is incredibly important to us, in plays a massive role in not only our business but lives as well. We love hearing your ideas, sharing your designs, or feeling your excitement for our products. Make sure to reach out to us via the Contact page, or any of our social medias to share any questions, concerns, or ideas you might have!